“The works of the Renaissance masters…” at the Regional Museum in Chojnów

25.01-1.03.2020 roku

The exhibition “Works of the Renaissance Masters in Graphics from the 16th to 18th century from the collection of the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw “, presenting the most valuable engravings from the collection of modern art, was exhibited in our museum from 16 April to the end of June 2019, while from 25 January to 1 March this year it will be possible to see it again, this time in the hospitable interiors Regional Museum in Chojnów.

The former castle, within the walls of which the museum is housed, is a perfect place for this exhibition, as the building was erected in the Italian Renaissance style (on the site of the former castellany existing since about 1290) by the architect Franz Paar, who came from Italy for the Duke of Legnica, Frederick III, with the hands of Italian builders and stonecutters in the years 1546-1547. The real masterpiece of his decoration is one of the most valuable monuments of Renaissance sculpture in Silesia - a portal with busts of Frederick III and his wife, Catherine of Mecklenburg. In the museum’s collection we can admire other unique monuments of Silesian art of the Renaissance period - some of the most beautiful sgraffitoes in Central Europe saved from the manor house in Zagrodno or a rich complex of Renaissance tiles discovered during excavations conducted at the castle. Thus, both the history and the present of this unique place provide a perfect background for an exhibition devoted to the works of the greatest Italian Renaissance masters.

Beata Fekecz-Tomaszewska, curator of the exhibition “Works of the Renaissance Masters in graphics from the 16th to 18th century from the collection of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław”.



The human dimension of architecture

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I AM NOT HERE The human dimension of architecture’ is a story about the social role of an architect, about Wroclaw, about the vicissitudes of a certain generation and about loyalty to deeply rooted beliefs. We have always believed that architecture makes sense when the design was created and the designed space is teeming with life even though us architects are no longer there. Dorota Jarodzka-Śródka i Kazimierz Śródka