Asteroid i półkotapczan

O polskim wzornictwie powojennym

Katarzyna Jasiołek

13 €

How did you live at a time when there was a shortage of everything in the shops and whole families were moving into beds? When you bought sets of furniture that could be shared between several flats on an instalment basis? And when every other flat looked the same and you could be mistaken, are you at home or as a guest?

Although the popularity of design has been increasing for several years, it is still difficult to find out about its creators and some names will remain a mystery forever. However, many have avoided anonymity. There are even legends about a few - such as the fact that her warm panties saved Polish design.

“Asteroid i półkotapczan” is a story about the circumstances in which furniture, glass, textiles, lighting or ceramics were made, available (or rather eternally inaccessible) in Polish shops after 1945, but also about who made those that never found their way onto the shop shelves. An engaging story, evoking films in which design icons play, and talking about events without which many wonderful objects would never have been created.