Begin with Sophie and Oscar Hansen

Filip Springer

11 €

The book in Polish only

He is the son of a Russian and Norwegian, a Pole by choice, a visionary architect, an idealist who hates criticism. She - a great architect, embodying his crazy ideas. Together they have created many bold projects, including the mythical Warsaw housing estate of Przyczółek Grochowski. This is where the author of the book, Filip Springer, decides to live. He wants to feel at home how one lives in the place where the Hansen theory has become reality, and to understand why their innovative ideas have not worked well in practice. The art of Open Form. Begin is a story about remarkable personalities, extraordinary human destinies, bold architecture, but also about Polish mentality. And how much we miss the vision of repairing the world today, which - as in the Hansens - would be based on faith in man and a sense of duty towards others.