Dagarama. Back to the future

Urszula Gołota, Michał Duda

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Jan Głuszak, a poet and philosopher, architecture visionary, a dreamer and idealist. He attributed the architect’s profession the highest esteem - although he considered himself an anti-architect. In a person performing this responsible task he first and foremost wanted to see a thinker and a humanist, a sensitive observer of life and the interpreter of human needs and dreams that can give them an appropriate form. He wrote: “My home is not only where I seek refuge, my home is the whole universe, because I live there with my thoughts and dreams.”

Nature was the main source of inspiration and learning for Jan Głuszak. In nature he sought universal patterns and solutions, admired its structural and functional logic, harmony and beauty. The publication was created on the occasion of the exhibition presented at the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw between 31st March and 22nd May 2011, dedicated to the work of Jan Głuszka - Dagarama.