Dani Karavan

The Essence of Place

collective work

22 €

First, fully bilingual Polish-English catalogue which – apart from over a hundred colour photographs of Karavan’s best-known and iconic pieces – offers an in-depth study of the Israeli artist’s life and work. Born in Tel Aviv in 1930 in a family of Galician emigrants, Karavan is one of the precursors of site-specific monuments, which co-exist with their surroundings. His pieces can be encountered all over the northern hemisphere: in Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.

The essays by Marta Bucholc as well as exhibition curators, i.e. Dr. Monika Rydiger and Hagai Segev, address, in particular, the question of integrity of heritage/biography and sculpture – the latter being not only a representation of the past, but also a message to future generations. They also focus on the elements from which Caravan constructs his works: natural resources, light and water, context of a given place as well as words.