Max Berg’s Centennial Hall and Exhibition Grounds in Wrocław

Dzieło Maksa Berga

Jerzy Ilkosz

15,20 €

The book, which accompanied an exhibition organized in 2005 by the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, presents the story of shaping the Exhibition Grounds in Szczytniki and the circumstances of creating the Centennial Hall - a breakthrough in the history of twentieth century architecture created by Max Berg, the only Wroclaw’s monument entered into UNESCO World Heritage List. Since its creation, the Centennial Hall is considered one of the most significant symbols of the city and a unique example of modernist architecture.

The decision to build the Centennial Hall was made in June 1911. Its opening, which was attended by the heir to the throne, was held on 20thMay 1913. It is hard to overestimate the impression that the Centennial Hall, considered by many researchers as a milestone in the history of modern architecture, had on its contemporary audience. Theorists and architecture critics pointed out the disparity of the dome, larger in its scale than all the former domes of historic buildings (Pantheon, Hagia Sophia and St. Peter’s Basilica), they emphasized the novelty of the design and revolutionary use of new materials.