Outside of property

Towards a successful housing policy

Joanna Erbel

10 €

The book in polish only

Joanna Erbel wrote an exceptional thing in Poland. Outside of property is a book about the housing issue. With precision and details revealing deep knowledge, it describes probably the biggest deficit of the Polish transformation - lack of flats. The free market opened up prospects for developers, but did not solve the problem of accessibility not only for the poorest, but also for the middle class. It does not have to be like this, it is enough to trigger imagination, to abandon the dogma of the sanctity of market and property rights to see that innovation is the key. The revolution is already underway, there is no shortage of projects that go against the patterns, Nowe Żerniki in Wrocław and the housing programme in Ostrów Wielkopolski show that both metropolises and small towns can be a source of innovative solutions. In fact, it is not about housing, but about how we will live in our cities. And this is what Joanna Erbel’s book is about - a specific dimension of the future that we can regain influence over.

Edwin Bendyk, Tygodnik Polityka