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Architecture of Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak

Michał Duda

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The english version of the catalogue accompanied the exhibition presented in the Museum of Architecture from 17th of June till 4th of September 2016, undertaken as part of the architectural program of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.

It is the first so comprehensive monography devoted to one of the most important characters in the history of Polish post-war architecture. The activities of Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak were closely tied with Wroclaw – she was the first woman to graduate from the Architecture Faculty after the war. As a young designer she worked on the reconstruction of monuments of Wroclaw, she designed the first housing estates, modern schools and innovative residential buildings. Though she became famous primarily for her project of the Wroclaw “Manhattan” , there many more examples of Grabowska-Hawrylak’s exceptional works: schools designed in the fifties, including one with almost completely glazed facades, large housing estate erected among the ruins - a collage of radical modern urban design with the remnants of the pre-war city, a maisonette in the city centre - a big house with duplex apartments, futuristic music school, “baroque” buildings - each of them hides a piece of a fascinating story about architecture, politics and one of the strangest cities of post-war Poland.