Ilustrowany atlas architektury Saskiej Kępy



This is the author’s bilingual illustrated atlas of the architecture of Saska Kępa - Warsaw’s modernist district, a place of experimentation that involved several generations of eminent architects, town planners, designers and sculptors. The atlas covers 50 sites - buildings and decorative elements created between 1926 and 1939, as well as selected post-war and contemporary buildings. Each is accompanied by one large illustration and a short description in Polish and English.

The publication is a presentation of buildings, sculptures and decorative details by means of precise but synthetic illustrations. This way of presenting architecture allows us to understand the basic spatial assumptions of individual projects, undisturbed by the limitations we have to deal with in the case of photographs of buildings (trees covering them, other buildings or elements of urban infrastructure, lack of access from certain sides, modernisation changes). Thus we have a chance to learn more about the architect’s original intention.

The objects are shown as monochromatic blocks which have returned from the urban space to the architect’s board, or rather to the computer screen which their creators would use today.