Tychy. Sztuka w przestrzeni miasta

Patryk Oczko

10 €

Reissue of the highly popular and award-winning 2015 book. The second edition has been expanded to include a chapter on implementation after 2015. It is the result of cooperation between the Tychy City Museum and the Tychy Municipal Cultural Centre.

The first such comprehensive monographic study devoted to art in the urban space of Tychy. This clear guide shows the space of Tychy, rich in extraordinary artistic realisations - works of sculpture, monumental painting and small architecture. It is also an attempt to explain the art strongly inscribed in the city landscape - it shows both the existing works and those that have not been preserved.

The book was awarded in the LXI Rev. Prof. Dr. Szczęsny Dettloff Competition for scientific works of young members of the Association of Art Historians in the category of published works and received the distinction of the Marshal of the Silesian Province for the Museum Event of the Year 2015 in the category of “book publications”.

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Book in Polish only