Projekty i realizacje Leszka Zdeka

Aleksandra Czupkiewicz, Łukasz Wojciechowski

10 €

Publication accompanying the exhibition Układanka Projekty i realizacje Leszka Zdeka

Leszek Zdek (1923-2018) began his professional work in Wrocław at a very difficult yet exciting time in the city’s history. “A village where trams run” - as it was said of war-ravaged Breslau - needed to be rebuilt and entire districts created from scratch. One of the first buildings Leszek Zdek was involved in was built in the area of the razed Grunwald Square - this was the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Higher School of Agriculture, whose main designers were Krystyna and Marian Barski. The young architect also worked with Tadeusz Brzoza, whose assistant he became in his second year of study. Ambitious creators in the era of rationalisation and prefabrication sought uniqueness and quality in architecture and urban planning - Zdek was one of them, who designed the longest block of flats in Wrocław - then called the “Superjednostka” - inspired by the famous blocks of Le Corbusier.

Working at the Design and Research Department of Wrocław University of Technology, Leszek Zdek was involved in designing numerous buildings for the university - from simple temporary pavilions (D-9) to visionary urban planning projects such as the “Valley of the Sun” student housing estate.

Leszek Zdek’s architectural career can serve as an inspiration for today’s designers. It is noteworthy that Leszek Zdek, despite the difficulties caused by external factors, sought space for the realisation of his own ideas for improving architecture, for adapting it better to the needs of users and for a touch of artistry.

ISBN 978-83-964316-0-8