Adolf Rading

The unknown face of Wrocław’s avant-garde

edit. Jerzy Ilkosz and Beate Störtkuhl

25 €

The book in Polish only

Adolf Rading (1888-1957), an architect and lecturer at the Wrocław Academy of Arts and Crafts, was one of the most important figures of the Wrocław architectural community in the interwar years. The designer of experimental residential buildings on the model housing estates of the German Werkbund in Stuttgart (1927) and in Wrocław (1929), he was also the initiator of the exhibition Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung (Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung, WuWA) - an event thanks to which Wrocław made its mark in the history of avant-garde architecture. Together with Oskar Schlemmer, a former Bauhaus lecturer at the Wrocław University, he designed one of the most expressive modernist residential houses in Zwenkau near Leipzig. This publication presents the architect’s work from the Wroclaw era and his achievements in exile in Haifa and London. It is complemented by a selection of commented source texts, which allow for a better understanding of the theoretical background of Rading’s projects and for conscious care of his lateness in contemporary Wrocław.