Architecture is the most important vol. II

Marta Leśniakowska, Rafał Ochęduszko, Marta A. Urbańska, Łukasz Wojciechowski, Barbara Zbroja, Szymon Piotr Kubiak

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The book in polish only

The stories in the book are dedicated to six outstanding architects. The texts about them try to make us aware of the role of women not only in shaping the modernist vision of Polish architecture and urban planning, but also They also face and argue with the still present stereotype of the patriarchal world of builders, in which the only “father of the work” still remains the male architect.

Essays on Diana Reiterina (Barbara Zbroja), Barbara Brukalska (Marta Leśniakowska), Helena Syrkusowa (Rafał Ochęduszko), Halina Skibniewska (Marta A.). Urbańska), Jadwidze Grabowska-Hawrylak (Łukasz Wojciechowski) and Anatolia Hryniewicka-Piotrowska (Szymon Piotr Kubiak) show us with equal strength both the influence of these extraordinary women on Polish architectural thought and their personal portraits.