B jak Bauhaus

Deyan Sudjic

12 €

The title is perverse, because the author, an outstanding British design critic, is not only writing about Bauhaus: And like an authentic, B like Bauhaus, C like four circles - and so on to the end of the alphabet. It is a subjective, fragmentary, but at the same time fascinating portrait of the objects from which the modern world was (and still is!) created. Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum in London, writes in dozens of short chapters about architecture as well as computer games on the example of the Grand Theft Auto series; he deals with very broad topics (film, fashion, functionalism) but also focuses on trinkets that we all know well from everyday life. He never ceases to ask questions and to explore the nature of the contemporary products that surround us: what is authenticity and what is counterfeit? Why can an imperfect object be more valuable than its perfectly developed counterpart? Why is an ornament a deadly matter? Curiosity, a truly English sense of humour and self-irony are the hallmarks of Sudjic’s work, while B as Bauhaus is a book that cannot be shelved.