Architecture is the most important vol. I

Ewa Mańkowska-Grin

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The book in Polish only

Architecture is the most important. Conversations is a collection of interviews that Ewa Mańkowska-Grin conducted with eleven outstanding architects. The order of the interviews in the book corresponds to the order of the meetings that the author held from October 2014 to mid-2015 with Zbigniew Maćkow, Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Łatak, Krzysztof Ingarden, Piotr Wróbel, Jan Łas, Stanisław Niemczyk, Ewa Kuryłowicz and Dariusz Herman, Wojciech Subalski and Piotr Śmierzewski (HS99).

The starting point for each of the conversations and a recurring motif in each of them were both the reflections of the author’s father Prof. Tomasz Mańkowski and an attempt to answer fundamental questions concerning contemporary landscape, condition of the architectural profession, its cultural and social role, ecology in design, continuity and quality of the architectural profession and its future.