urban bag

designed by Łukasz Paluch

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Urban bag KAMELEON

cotton bag, 44x42 cm, designed by Łukasz Paluch, made by PANATO

Department store Kameleon (former the Rudolf Petersdorff department store) was designed by Erich Mendelsohn in 1927.

Kameleon, the former Rudolf Petersdorff department store, is the only building in Wroclaw designed by Erich Mendelsohn. The architect was commissioned to erect a new building in place of the former residence and to unify it with the existing department store building. Mendelsohn used most of the structural elements of the older building, he also retained the width and the order of windows on the side facade. The newly built part, with the distinctive oriel built using a constructiom method borrowed from railway platform halls, is a steel skeleton structure covered with concrete. Using modern technology and building materials allowed for freeform interior design and for replacing the massive external walls to giant windows.