Leon Tarasewicz

Małgorzata Devosges-Cuber, Michał Duda, Jan Gryka

13 €

Catalogue of the exhibition of Leon Tarasewicz’s works presented in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław from 10 May to 26 June 2018.

The art of Leon Tarasewicz filled almost the entire Museum of Architecture in summer 2018. The paintings and light and painting installations could be found in numerous nooks and crannies of the Bernardine monastery. Museum of Architecture filled with art? Yes, because it is difficult to imagine a better medium for dialogue with architecture. A dialogue in the strict sense of the word, avoiding the “story about”, and building a real interaction. If only the artist can use this medium.

Like many valuable undertakings, the exhibition by Leon Tarasewicz would not have happened if not for a coincidence. The Museum of Architecture was visited by Professor Piotr Kielan - the Academy of Fine Arts rector, and Artur Ulrich - a businessman, patron and collector. They brought the idea of giving Leon Tarasewicz an honorary professorship of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and organizing a retrospective exhibition of his paintings. This was the starting point.

Thanks to the cooperation between Leon Tarasewicz and the team of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, the original concept quickly began to evolve into an exhibition not only of the artist’s most important painting works, but also of a team of site-specific installations, leading an arctic game with the place - the seat of the museum, the former Bernardine monastery, with its history and tradition. The game will be played by means which for some will be a source of aesthetic experience, for others - emotional, for others - the starting point of a sophisticated, intellectual journey into the world of multi-layered contexts.