Lokalsi. Nieoficjalna historia pewnego samorządu

Andrzej Andrysiak

10 €

There is no greater myth in Polish public debate than that we have succeeded in self-government. You only need to spend a little time looking at the activities of the authorities at the local level to begin to see the tentacles of the local octopus as well as the conspiracy of silence about its existence.

Andrzej Andrysiak, who, after many years of working in the capital’s mainstream media, became publisher of the weekly “Gazeta Radomszczańska”, paints the unique colours of provincial Poland in “Lokals”. With grace and inquisitiveness, he describes deals and arrangements, scams and the sweeping of matters under the carpet, the low motivations of politicians, the breaking of backs and the mechanisms governing local government. There is also a Jewish corpse in the wardrobe in the form of property never returned to the rightful heirs. This book is a story of small people in small politics, the history of a small town and the universal history of local Poland all in one.