Parisian artists’ studios

Jean-Claude Delorme, Anne-Marie Dubois

Jean-Claude Delorme, Anne-Marie Dubois

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“Parisian artists’ studios” is the title of the exhibition and its accompanying publication by Jean-Claude Delorme and Anne-Marie Dubois. The marriage of an architect a journalist joined by the photographer David Boureau had been visiting Parisian artists’ studios for over two years. The result of their journey through Paris is a collection of photographs depicting old and modern studios, bearing the insightful descriptions of their architecture and interior design as well as anecdotes about the artists occupying the studios. It resulted in the idea to publish a photo album - a guide to the most beautiful, interesting and often difficult to access Parisian ateliers.

Jean-Claude Delorme: The book primarily aims at presenting the architectural evolution of ateliers and several walking trails in the areas where they were located. While these studios are mostly difficult to access private properties (…) we need to benefit from open days, organized nowadays in many districts. Is there any better opportunity to know the artists and their work?