Seria Warszawa

ed. by Łukasz Gorczyca i Michał Kaczyński

30 €

The century of Warsaw ruins began with the destruction wreaked by the Russians withdrawing from the city in the summer of 1915, and ends with contemporary demolitions resulting from dynamic real estate development processes. It is ruins triumphal, traumatic and sentimental, as well as images that contribute to the critical debate over current urban policy. The obsessively recurring views of ruins have become familiar over the years in numerous aspects—a natural, everyday life function of the city, determining processes of transformation and development.

Ruins of Warsaw is the story of their photographic images. The photographers include outstanding artists and photojournalists like Bułhak, Capa, Dłubak and Seymour, but also lesser known but distinguished documentalists such as Henryk Poddębski. Most of the photographs are published here for the first time, revealing unknown or forgotten views of the city in a state of collapse.

Texts: Łukasz Gorczyca, Piotr Jamski, Elżbieta Kamińska, Adam Mazur, Magdalena Wróblewska

Publisher: RASTER The book was published in collaboration with the Museum of Warsaw.