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Dlaczego warto mieszkać z rodziną w mieście

Daria Panek-Płókarz

9 €

Many people dream of escaping to the countryside, so for a change I’d like to show townspeople who like to live their city life, who find themselves in it, their routes as well as wild places. In Poznań, in Lower Lazarus, I am at home. And although I love nature and regularly go on micro-tours, I am not at all planning to move to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s what drives and inspires me. He makes me feel that I am living life to the full.

Join us for a walk to see the city from a mum’s perspective. Daria Panek-Płókarz will tell you how her family takes advantage of the opportunities the city gives them, where they spend their time, how they seek nature in the concrete jungle, how they get around. She will tell you how to seek motivation for urban excursions, even when you lack time, money, ideas, company, and your children (claim to) not like walking. The book also introduces issues that anyone who consciously chooses a city as a place to live should be familiar with: concretes and adverts, wastelands and the fourth nature, gardening guerrillas, forest kindergartens, community gardens, the concept of the 15-minute city, no playgrounds, exurbanisation or spatial exclusion.

publisher: pracownia k. Anna Komorowska